APRS Activity in Europe

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
IM57: SE 380 km to IM64
JM49: SE 370 km to JM56
JN18: ENE 1020 km to JN88
JN34: NE 250 km to JN55
JN37: NNE 250 km to JN49
JN47: E 270 km to JN67
JN47: ENE 260 km to JN67
JN55: SW 260 km to JN34
JN56: E 270 km to JN75
JN59: ESE 260 km to JN68
JN61: S 540 km to JM66
JN61: SW 340 km to JM49
JN65: SW 270 km to JN54
JN65: S 260 km to JN63
JN65: SSW 260 km to JN63
JN67: E 900 km to KN25
JN68: E 870 km to KN25
JN78: W 1000 km to JN18
JN81: NE 320 km to JN92
JN83: SSE 260 km to JN80
JN83: SSE 250 km to JN81
JO21: SSW 860 km to IN94
KM09: ESE 300 km to KM17
KM09: NNE 290 km to KN11
KM09: N 290 km to KN11
KM47: NNW 270 km to KN40
KN11: SSW 300 km to KM09
KN32: SSE 320 km to KN40
KN40: NNW 350 km to KN33
KN81: E 280 km to KN91
KN81: E 260 km to KN91
KN91: W 320 km to KN71